Buying Valium in Cambodia

She was a short, pretty woman with glasses, and despite the dusty, traffic-choked road behind us and the murky legality of what we were doing—although this is apparently very normal in Cambodia—I felt like I was in good hands. This lady looked proud, professional even, as she spread the boxes of pills out before us. She may have even been wearing a white coat.

"I'm sure this place has a decent bathroom."

We've been using the word "dire" a lot lately. The other night we saw a dog literally eating rubble. The street had been torn up and there was a mutt standing in the nearby debris munching away. The next afternoon, as the sun beat down, I saw a a dog emerge from the sewer though an opening in the oversized sidewalk curb, halfheartedly chase a pigeon, then slink back into his hole. Better to wait until sundown and eat rocks.

Three weeks in

That's what I really want. Not to take a vacation, or to "travel," per se, but simply to go wherever I want and continue to work at the same time. People frequently call that "the dream." But why should we all have to pick a place and just stay there? 

Obviously I want to be myself

I became uncomfortable with my own subject matter, concerned that I was just coming across like some asshole having a near-midlife crisis, bumbling my way across America in a borderline jalopy, banging as many college girls as possible.

So, are you EXCITED?

much of my adult life—my maturation as a person (if I may deign to call myself either mature or a person)—has been about learning NOT to look forward so much, not to anticipate things too much.

Rochester >> Bangkok >> ???

One of the visa requirements is proof of a return/onward plane ticket, which of course we don't have, as we are NEVER coming back to a country where either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is president.