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The Unquiet Americans (and Chinese)

If Americans citizens have an international reputation for being rude, oblivious, ostentatious boors, the Chinese are viewed much the same way. They travel in large groups, dressed in gaudy new-money fashions, don’t speak the language or follow the local customs—and their government/military is easily the most formidable in the region.

Buying Valium in Cambodia

She was a short, pretty woman with glasses, and despite the dusty, traffic-choked road behind us and the murky legality of what we were doing—although this is apparently very normal in Cambodia—I felt like I was in good hands. This lady looked proud, professional even, as she spread the boxes of pills out before us. She may have even been wearing a white coat.

"I'm sure this place has a decent bathroom."

We've been using the word "dire" a lot lately. The other night we saw a dog literally eating rubble. The street had been torn up and there was a mutt standing in the nearby debris munching away. The next afternoon, as the sun beat down, I saw a a dog emerge from the sewer though an opening in the oversized sidewalk curb, halfheartedly chase a pigeon, then slink back into his hole. Better to wait until sundown and eat rocks.