Travel Stories

Why I Moved to China for a Girl I Just Met (Nerve)

Eating Dog Meat in China (Sabotage Times)

Life in the Hong Kong Smoking Lounge (BULL Men's Fiction)

On the Road to Rock City, Montana (Vagabundo Magazine)

(Tony) Montana Highways (Vagabundo Magazine)

Indian Massage Therapy: Part 1 (Vagabundo Magazine)

Indian Massage Therapy: Part 2 (Vagabundo Magazine)

Prague Dream Hunt (While I Was Away)

The Keys to Everything (While I Was Away)

New York City Stories

A Reminder to Myself (Thought Catalog)

A Few Rules of the Sidewalk (Daily News)

The Night I Threw My Television Away (Thought Catalog)

Life Is Not a KFC Commercial (Thought Catalog)

Bearded Strangers Unite! (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)

Bear Patrol (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)

The Low Point at High Point (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)

Good Dog! (Thought Catalog)

Running Amok on the Select Bus (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)

To Hell and Back: My Trip to IKEA in Red Hook (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)

Various stories for NY (underscore) magazine (Available in print only)

Childhood Stories

Gangbang (The Nervous Breakdown)

First Contact (The Nervous Breakdown)

Pussy Around My Neck (The Nervous Breakdown)

What Mrs. Corbet Taught Me (The Nervous Breakdown)

Isaiah and the Baby Sitter (The Nervous Breakdown)


Balling Hard in Different Aspect Ratios w/ Heiko Julien (The Brooklyn Rail)

An Unexpected Collaboration w/ Susan Shapiro & Kenan Trebincevic (The Brooklyn Rail)